What’s In Your Better Blairstown?

We had a great campaign kickoff party yesterday. The event attracted a truly diverse set of people who shared a great many things in common. One commonality among all was the desire to make a #BetterBlairstown.

As part of our research, Karen and I hung a large sheet of paper on the wall. We offered up some crayons and waited to see what would happen. Sometimes the most powerful way to engage is not with a statement, but with a question so we asked, “What’s in your Better Blairstown?”

In all, I counted 46 comments and a good number of exclamation points. Here’s what folks wrote from the left side of the wall to the right. (No political puns intended, though a good pun nevertheless as you’ll see from the comments below.):

  • Unrestricted recreational
  • Even treatment of events
  • Call Pete!
  • Understanding differences
  • Tennis courts
  • Different cuisine
  • Roads paved
  • Keep taxes low
  • More Democrats
  • Live feed TC meetings
  • Switch police coverage instead of 24/7. Leave 4am-10am on state watch, instead of 12 am – 6 am
  • Better and professional town website that also lists all the town events + businesses. Make Blairstown attractive to prospective residents
  • Support senior citizen development / complex
  • Reconfigure COHA map
  • Create schedule for future road paving projects
  • Dedicated Democrats!
  • Newly paved roads
  • Clean water
  • Progress
  • More things to do!
  • Work on Bus. Develop.
  • Train service to Hoboken / NY
  • Trains and buses to get to work!
  • Protected land
  • Jobs!
  • A Welcoming Community for ALL!
  • Fix roads
  • Fix Sewer
  • Fix the F Sewer working together
  • Community Center
  • Community Center
  • Creative thinking to solve issues
  • More for kids that went into sports
  • Change
  • Restaurants! Not just pizza
  • Support alternative, common sense waste management
  • Bring the Community Together Rep + Dem = One Voice
  • Keep our taxes low
  • A Booming downtown
  • A café or hangout spot that stays open late
  • Paid EMT!
  • Bike lanes
  • Televise town meetings so all can see and hear the issues. Can go through facebook.
  • Darker skies!
  • Don’t allow public officials to intimidate those who are working for positive change
  • Community Pool

When all was said and done, the question posed to those who attended was, “How would getting representatives elected to Township Committee that shared their viewpoints impact their ability to achieve their goals for Blairstown?”

For me, the answer is that we will start making progress and building momentum for positive change.

The question also calls to mind that it will take a concerted group effort to make it happen. We need the community’s support and investment if we are to be successful. Please donate today if you can, or lend your talents to our campaign as we work to make a #BetterBlairstown for all who live here.

Kevin Doell

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