Economic Vitality

There is work to be done in Blairstown. As discussed at the Blairstown Township Committee’s Town Hall on April 25, 2018, the fact of the matter is that Blairstown no longer has the revenues coming in from the Energy Receipts Tax to meet its basic needs. This has been a long time coming and action needs to be taken now.

However, Blairstown has many wonderful resources that can be leveraged to improve commerce in the town in order to support local businesses and property values.

We are committed to take the following actions to restore and refurbish the engines of our local economy:

Work with the Township Committee to develop a fiscally responsible budget that addresses imminent shortfalls while caring for the community’s long-term needs

Pursue innovation and technology solutions to shore up decaying township infrastructure in support of local commerce

Advocate for tourism activities and business models tied to our rural community’s strengths of outdoor recreation, the arts, and agriculture

Preserve our community’s rural character through support of open space and farmland preservation initiatives

Preserve our community’s architectural heritage through thoughtful zoning and land use planning that aligns with our community’s rural character and historical nature