Donate! please :-)

Would you like to invest in a better Blairstown? We hope so! We need your support to help us fight and win in November.

Visit our Donate page to donate via credit card or you can support the campaign the “old fashioned” way by writing a check to

“Doell and Klein for Township Committee”

and mailing your donation to:

Doell and Klein for Township Committee
111 Heller Hill Road
Blairstown, NJ 07825

When you send your donation, please include the following information so that we can comply with campaign finance regulations:

1.) Occupation of the individual donor

2.) Employer’s Address

Contributions by check actually save the campaign money and stretch your dollars, as there are no service fees.

I know we have some very passionate Blairstownians out there looking to support us, but I have to caution that New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission has established the limit for individuals contributing to individual candidates at $2,600. So no rule breaking!

Your dollars will help pay to manage this website and our email marketing campaign, as well as the door hangers and palm cards we are in the process of having printed.

Thank you for your investment in a better Blairstown!