Working for a Better Blairstown

Kevin Doell and Karen Klein are running for Blairstown Township Committee in the spirit of service and respect for its citizens. We seek to revitalize the community we call home by building upon its strengths of small town charm in a beautiful country setting.

With communication, vision, and teamwork, our Blairstown can become a better Blairstown for the benefit of all.

Doell and Klein
Kevin Doell and Karen Klein

Economic Vitality

Blairstown needs a boost. There are imminent budget shortfalls and a business community in need of help. We are committed to restoring the engines of our local economy while preserving our historical character and rural heritage.

Let's boost it!

Community Health & Wellness

The health and well-being of our residents is a top priority. By promoting a range of activities that bring residents together, we can build the relationships that keep that “home town” feeling alive and well while caring for those in need.

Yes we care!

Communication & Accountability

We are the most “connected” society in history but somehow feel left in the dark when it comes to our local government. Leveraging communication techniques both old and new, we’ll reach out to reach you.

Can you hear us now?